Healthy Lifestyle Support using the following services:

Bio-resonance scanning:  Bio-resonance scanning offers accurate readings of quantum characteristics from the systems and organs. The Sensitiv Imago is a unique feedback, prognostic and healing technology that allows full analysis of the human organism with a 96% precision, all without interfering with the human body. Click here for more info.

Green Angel: The Sensitiv Imago® Green Angel is designed to protect people, pets, and plants from the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). Its design is based on harmonics and resonant frequency harmonization. The scientific operating principle of the White Angel is based on many years of research and knowledge of the properties of minerals and their positive effects on specific vibrations in the environment and the human body. Click here for more info.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: Done by Analytical Research Labs. A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) is a screening test that measures the levels of twenty-one minerals and toxic metals present in a hair sample. Minerals are the “spark plugs” of life and play many important health-related roles within the body. Click here for more info.

Nutritional Education and Guidance: No one diet works for everyone. Using several approaches, I will help determine the best diet for you, including Blood Type test if not known. I will help you determine which supplements are going to be best for you! Access to any of my online Practioner Trusted websites will make getting the highest quality products delivered right to your door a breeze.  Click here for more info.

Lab Testing & Analysis: Lab testing can provide us with important information that can easily point us in the correct direction for effective actions. Click here for more info.

Practitioner Grade Supplements: Working with me allows you access to the highest quality and highest strength Practitioner grade supplements, easy online ordering and special discounted prices. Click here for more info.