Knowledge and Science behind SENSITIV IMAGO Digi-Healer

Our idea was to created offer a line of portable that can put Sensitiv Imago healing possibilities in the hands of people with different budgets.

From the Online Wellness Portals to our premium portable gadgets Digi-Healer Streamer and Digi-Healer Glasses – everyone will be able to enjoy the famous relaxation and symptoms relief effects that previously were available only through our pro-class Sensitiv Imago 530, 130 and Aureola.

Scientific background

At present, the modern science (quantum physics, quantum medicine, wave genetics and other progressive sciences -) has brought holistic therapy to a fundamentally new level. Now new holistic methods based on wave effects is successfully competing with a large number of traditional methods.

Back in the 80s of the last century, a number of physicists, biologists, doctors began to work on a study of the influence of the amplitude-frequency effects of weak electromagnetic fields. In the process of scientific research, the combinations of resonant frequencies were found that produced a maximal biological effect on systems and organs. As an example, A.S. Presman showed the effect of microwaves on living organisms and biological structures, (1965), and also led research on the positive effects of amplitude-frequency waves on the cardiovascular and nervous system of a person.

As a result of these and other works, there were created the tables of frequencies that positively affect the systems and organs of the body which led to multiple private and government-funded practical study of the healthy effects of frequencies.

Neuro-impedance healing know-how

Our group of specialists developing this technology have summed up and supplemented all existing methods of forming amplitude-wave frequencies and made final conclusions. Namely, we’ve researched that the object of the impact of the data and the correctly modeled frequencies transmitted on the biological structure, is primarily the cell membrane. Through the membrane, impulses are transmitted to all physiological processes of functioning already corrected by the membrane for resonating with all other bio-processes. Due to this, a variety of positive biological processes arise. In particular, as an example, there is a change in the activity of enzymes of protein complexes that affect the microcirculation, blood clotting and vascular permeability. We also observe the effect of dilation of microvascular vessels, increased capillary blood flow, removal of arteries spasm.

Based on the researched data, we’ve refined a method that combines the influence on the neuropathways between the cells and on the tissues impedance values which results in the most effective transmission of the healing frequencies into the body.

Knowledge behind Digi-Healer products:

  • Our over 22 years of research and work in bioresonance and holistic medicine
  • Our project team of holistic doctors, quantum physicists and psychologists
  • Our accumulated databases of healthy frequencies
  • Our technological know-how on the effective transmission of the healthy frequencies onto the human organism
  • Our experience in production of the effective diagnostic and wellness technologies